(1/19/2021) A BILL


Pursuant to the occupation, for many decades, of the national legislative body by corporate-backed GOP (Republican Party) and DNC (Democratic party) (in this document henceforth all referred to as “Partisans”), functioning effectively as a one-party system which as an occupying body politic is unreachable by any popular vote and which operates at gross odds with respect to the constitutional and political will of the people of the United States of America and their survival and liberty; such Partisans are in violation of the United States Bill of Rights and, moreover, are transgressing the peace and freedom of all Americans and citizens of the world.

In addition to intentionally instigating new proxy wars and other unwarranted hostile provacation and military build-up against the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, at the expense of the future of humanity, peace, and liberty on earth; Decades-long wars waged, and interventionist coups staged, and aggressive economic warfare plied upon foreign lands (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Latin America, Eastern Europe ETC) were approved and are perpetuated through the public-funding support of the Partisan-occupied Legislature such as through the annual NDAA, and are strategically orchestrated through Partisan agents and their Partisan operatives occupying the United States of America’s Executive branch, and are funded with unchecked spending through the privately held Federal Reserve device; and,

Corporate welfare programs such as the public TARP bailout (which purchased a half-trillion-dollars in toxic assets from predatory corporations rather than allowing those lenders to fail and/or be prosecuted, and instead of aiding the precarious homeowners who had been predated upon by those lenders) and similar derivatives, are programs only actualized by Partisan-occupied Legislature’s approval and politically mechanized in collusion with the Partisan-occupied Executive branch; and, funded with unchecked spending through the privately held Federal Reserve device; and,

The United States Federal Reserve Bank is a small and closed consortium of privately held Partisan interests, predominately international in nature, antithetical to the long-term prosperity of the United States of America and the nations of the world at large, operating in the interest of nearly none or virtually none of the people of the United States of America but for a rampant and insidious cottage industry of usury and other racketeering; the Federal Reserve device functions at the fiat of narrow and hostile foreign Partisan interests of its occupiers and managers in collusion with the Partisan-occupied Executive, and with the full complicity of the Partisan-occupied Legislature which fundamentally is intended to have the power of the purse inline with the interests of the people and not paramountly in service of the interests of any malign political occupations; and,

The United States of America’s healthcare industry is the most privatized and least efficient system in the Western world, in large part due to the private fraud-riddled insurance segment that acts as a hamfisted-troll gatekeeper to medical services (which segment in itself is a symptom and reprise of the Partisan-politicized nature of the national economy and the widespread racketeering which stems from the corrupt Partisan occupation of the national Executive and Legislative branches); and,

The Partisan-occupied Legislature, the Partisan-occupied Executive office, and unchecked Partisan campaign spending has co-opted the privately held press and media into the thrall of Partisan corporate media, which has destroyed the mainstream information vectors which are most widely available to all, to such an extent that confusion seeded and maintained by the corporate Partisan media regarding a particular variety of a flu-like virus that endangers less than one percent of the population, has led to yearlong suspension of civil liberties, widespread government-forced closures and bankrupticies of small businesses, unprecedented profiteering by various elite and international rich who have a fang in the Partisan occupation, unprecedented censorship of protected speech, and widespread civil unrest all of which has been used by the corporate Partisan belligerents for their own political gain and infighting. Congress shall make no law restricting free speech, but it may incentivize private preservation of free speech, and may act to sustain it in the publicly. Deregulation of the privately held media communications vectors occurred with the explicit approval of the Partisan-occupied Legislative venue and the Partisan-occupied Executive venue.

Again, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” And yet, Partisans have done trodden upon all of these guarantees. Summarily, neither Congress nor the Executive have the right to operate a national government which is at odds with the interests and political will of the people of the various states.

In light of, therefore, this long list, of Partisans’ long-term dereliction of their oaths of office, and their innumerable collective transgressions of the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and their commission of collective war crimes under their Partisan mantles, and while in pursuit of their own Partisan capital and foreign interests, their Partisan-driven pauperization and transgressions against the people of the United States of America;

in lieu of individual prosecution for crimes against the United States of America,

1) a) All constituents now in office shall either discard their Partisan affiliation immediately, or b) conclude their career in national public service upon the sunset of their existing term;

2) No candidate for national public office shall be affiliate with, nor campaign under the mantle of, a Partisan faction;

3) The Partisan organizations shall disband their national charters by the end of this fiscal quarter, upon penalty of Title 42 and RICO racketeering torts;

4) Henceforth, national elections shall be based entirely upon the merit of the candidates, and not upon ongoing Partisan affiliations whatsoever. Under this reform, any such national endorsements must come expressly from the sponsor, and not indirectly through any opaque political caucus. Political action committees shall be codified as racketeers; union contributions shall be clearly and permanently recorded and advertised. Any statutory prohibition of labor organization is a First Amendment threshold violation;

5) The Federal Reserve device shall be de-privatized, in order to coherently function in accordance with the will of the people.

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It is the consideration of this Legislature, that this document is a first draft. Edits and inputs are most welcome.

~C.G.B. 1/19/20

Author: c.g.

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