(1/20/2021) Inauguration Reportage

Today’s inauguration began with Minnesota Partisan Senator Amy Klobuchar describing the events of January 6 as a “violent insurrection” against he United States government. Unlike the arson-riddled riots last summer, the January 6 demonstration did not have the support of the establishment media nor the Democrats.

Partisan Klobuchar invoked President Lincoln, who so violently held the union together – a union which no states – excepting a couple, who eventually furthered the power grab – would have joined if they had not been assured of their ability to peacefully leave it when and if they saw fit.

The rift in the nation, created by the bloody American Civil War, is still evident today. I heard Oliver Stone say last year, in an interview with Bob Scheer, that perhaps those Southern states should’ve been given leave to go their own way, rather than the North making a power grab and refusing their exit, destroying the South, and vengefully occupying it for decades because, Stone remarked, in the nineteenth century the abolitionist movement seemed inevitable throughout the west, and moreover, yet today the resentment still exists for the 155-year-old Constitutional transgression. It’s all well and good if you like the American pie of modern times, but the problem is that the U.S.A. is an imperial war state. If it were a utopia, there might be more intellectual appeal to the claims of “perfection among the union.” Alas, this is not a utopia. It’s a war machine, and a police state, and the Bill of Rights is long out of fashion, and further out each day.

Just like any such war, the victors occupied, raped, and pillaged the defeated territory so grotesquely, and it berthed a calamitous race war which still burns, the flames of which are now being fanned by fools who don’t understand the implications of disturbing a painfully earned peace. Children today do not understand, because they are often not taught, or they are incorrectly taught, about the overall context of the Civil War.

Racism was as rampant in the North as it was in the South. It’s impossible for the United States of America to understand its own the history, and it’s impossible for it to heal when new generations are not taught the full, sordid, historical facts but are instead just used as tools for infighting among the political class. Each and every United States senator certainly understands this, which is why it is disgusting that Partisan Klobuchar spews tin-eared revisionist history as her best effort at “peaceful transition of power,” like she’s Queen Anne or somebody. Meanwhile, the political class of the northeast is still riding its hellhorse for empire, except these days it’s murdering hundreds of thousands of people in places like the Mideast. Of course, perhaps strangely, much if not most of the United States military personnel are American Southerners. I wonder, why is that?

So, thanks a lot Partisan Klobuchar. Every time you say Lincoln in such a context, it offends millions of people who are historically aware of this sensitive subject. For those who don’t, like those who’ve only been taught that all Southerners are racists, they love it when you sell that story about Lincoln who, by the way, was a racist and wanted to ship blacks back to Africa. Even Barack Obama was wincing at your cheap sell of Honest Abe, because he understands the actual history of race in the United States of America, and he understands that your moronic platitudes and politically correct bromides are the root of the problem, rather than the solution to American race relations (and also to problems with our education industry). That war was a century and a half ago; you ought to brush up on your history, let go of the hate, and perhaps don’t ever let any one hear you talk about political correctness or egalitarian society with a straight face.

I don’t vote in support of either two factions of your national one-party dictatorship. I’m a anti-war libertarian, and an artist. The popular tin-eared apathetic warmongering fascist revisionist-history ilk are part of the impasse which is tearing this country apart, and it is being used for political gain by Partisans such as yourself, and I am disgusted by the lies and horrible intellectual examples that such words and actions set for modern youth, and for the traps such designs set upon our nation’s posterity. I went to an “integrated” school in the South, and did not fit in well with the white power structure as it was, because of my multicultural and egalitarian disposition, which I still retain, and for which I still encounter political exposure. The status quo didn’t like it that I had black friends. Today, the status quo thinks I’m a fool for not sticking to my own, and for not going with the politically correct status quo of race based politics and race baiting as a political necessity. But I can tell you, from experience, that the sort of negative race relations which are being used for Partisan political gain, especially in recent years and up to today, is doing untold damage in areas where there have been great repairs over difficult times. Yale and Minnesota, and back and forth, is not the whole universe, thankfully. It is not a perfect world, of course, but that’s no reason to incite further division and rollback progress, in states where you have no vested interest, nor in general.

Incidentally I also saw today, Partisan Klobuchar, that you rubber-stamped the N.D.A.A. budget for this year. That’s your legacy. Are you proud of that? By the way, in doublechecking to see if your vote was among the nays, I DID find that Vice President Harris’s nay was right between Gillibrand’s (New York) and Kennedy’s (Louisiana) nays.

Next came Partisan Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri, who mentioned his optimism of forging a “more perfect democracy” (doesn’t he mean a “more perfect union”? Maybe he needs more oatmeal in his mush mouth), “unification,” “new beginnings,” and “a better future for all Americans.” He also described the events of January 6 as an assault. Now, what I’ve heard about January 6 was based upon what is technically defined as “hearsay.” Note for journalism students: digital corporate bilge and ranting by neighbors without proper citation are both, categorically, types of “hearsay.” Ask any sober judge. Anyway, I am told the capital police apparently let the demonstrators into the capital – but I wasn’t there, so I can’t tell you what happened. I have to rely on Partisan Klobuchar or someone who watches CNN or Fox News or something; I might as well be asking for flying monkeys. If that hearsay is true, then it was a demonstration, not an assault. And it’s true, demonstrators are often arrested, although they’re usually charged with trespassing or disturbing the peace, not sedition. I am reminded of a Dennis Farina quote, from a scene in the 2002 film Big Trouble…

Bruce: “I hope you realize you’ve just committed assault.”
Henry Desalvo: “You know, I remember time was you actually had to hit somebody.”

But this is not the movies, this is reality (well, I’m told it was real by people who consume corporate media): A capital policeman killed an unarmed woman, and a small group of people killed a capital policeman, therefore, it was not a demonstration regardless of how many people were there. What does bother me, though, is the righteous indignation of legislators who speak as if it’s a church that’s been desecrated by a guy in a funny hat, meanwhile those same legislators keep funding imperial wars as if THAT’S supposed to clearly mark their moral high ground. If the hearsay’s true, then it sounds like the indictments for serious criminal charges could number about a dozen, if not half that.

Next came Reverend Leo O’Donovan, who invoked the power of love. He also mentioned justice, there toward the end of his invocation, which I appreciate. My interpretation? That’s seminarian speak for “most of you are going to hell.” How’s that, coming from an authority of philosophical providence!

Then, Partisan Klobuchar returned and introduced Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who looked a little weary (like an immensely-patient-teacher type of weariness — in only makes her stronger) though still with an air of energy and determination. She swore in the vice president who, as noted above, voted against the most recent version of the latest three-quarter-trillion dollar N.D.A.A. annual budget. One of the ideologies she swore affirmation upon, was to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Then, Partisan Klobuchar introduced Chief Justice John Roberts (who has gone gray, by the way. Steady on. I’d go gray too if I had to put up with lawyers from the United States Department of Justice every day.). Likewise President Biden swore to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

President Biden called the United States of America “the crucible of the ages,” and invoked the “cause of democracy” and “the will of the people.” He remarked that “violence sought to shake the Capitol’s very foundation (January 6). He remarked upon “white supremacy and domestic terrorism, which we will defeat.” Luckily, since there is no longer any expectation of privacy in the United States of America which is now a total surveillance police state, the corporate ruling class and their Partisan minion footstools can root out and silence any individual or subgroup, as they see fit. Helpful hint: endless wars abroad lead to endless war at home, and the domestic civil unrest is unavoidable. This reality of the world is known by many names, and one of the words is “kharma.”

“The battle is perennial and victory is never assured,” Biden affirms, adding that over the years, “our better angles have always prevailed.” Well, OK, then. I was born within a week of the fall of Saigon, so I could start with the Vietnam War as a counter example. Let us now “angle-out” of the twenty year war in Iraq, and angle-out of assisting Saudi Arabia with their ethnic cleansing in Yemen, and angle-out of our interloping in the Syrian civil war, and angle-out of our forever war in Afghanistan wherein ironically U.S. personnel have ended up fighting both for and against the Taliban and for and against al Qaeda (likewise has this weirdness happened in Iraq) — and we’re arming ALL OF THEM. Or have we screwed it up so bad, that if we leave, they’ll come for us, and take away our freedom? Ahem. I suppose the indefinite covid lockdown is better than being raped with a phone booth, but, uh, the utopia of covid will eventually run its course and leave nothing but a serious realpolitik hangover.

The 9/11 attacks were, in fact, a result of the United States of America’s military presence and political meddling in the Mideast. But instead of backing off of our unwanted meddling in a far away region, the U.S.A. has doubled down, for twenty more years (and counting), and has seeded and spawned a powerful and large new generation of terrorists (actually two or three generations at this point) – and, we’ve lost our civil liberties at home as a result of the seemingly endless war in which WE are the bad guys. And now people are thick enough to wonder why life on the domestic front is more and more like a dystopian science fiction novel each day.

President Biden did remark upon “the right to dissent peaceably from the guardrails of our republic.” That seems OK, on its face. “…yet hear me clearly: disagreement must not lead to disunion,” he added.

OK, I don’t know how the Partisans and their ruling corporate interests, can apparently engineer a nearly fifty-fifty split among the entire citizenry, and then, set one half upon the other like a rabid dog, and then, expect unity. The scheme makes the South Park underpants gnomes look like quantum physicists. Perhaps that will work if it’s incentivized by threats of prosecution, virtual kidnapping, and other extraordinary rendering? I do not see that the wars, and the steerage of the U.S.A. by corporate occupations, which profit the most from the mayhem and imperialism, are worth it whatsoever. I don’t think anyone, who has eyes to see it, sees it either.

But I promise, if you respect the civil liberties and natural rights of all people and nations to self govern, then you will find consensus, at home and abroad. If you don’t, then you won’t. That means stop bombing people in far away lands. Until you stop, until we stop, the most true-hearted people will dissent, based on faith, and based upon their best understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong, and upon the clear and wide distinction between justice and tyranny, and out of respect for their nation and its future. And those very same most true-hearted people will be the most persecuted for their dissent, and that is another cost that no one can afford.

President Biden said “we will repair our alliances.” I hope that means China and Russia. I hope that means leave the forever wars in the Mideast which are immanentizing the eschatology. I hope it means repair alliances with other subgroups, like the Palestinians, the Sunni and the Shia. I hope that means the political ruling class will stop inciting people for the purpose of petty political infighting, and likewise that millenial tech moguls will put down their weapons as well. I hope that means a welcoming environment for all people, of all colors, from all places, within the giant classroom which is the United States of America. You must understand, the only way to heal humanity, is to welcome all humanity to the table in peace and respect. With any strand(s) of humanity subjugated, there is no hope – and certainly no redemption for the aggressor. The best solutions are always the ones which have the most diverse contributors. This goes for engineering problems as well as political problems. It is a numerical and scientific fact. Unique perspectives are important. Diverse perspectives are important. It’s that richness of the marketplace of ideas which helps the mind truly and most effectively learn and grow. Race-based policy is not the best answer, even if it’s “affirmative action” because it teaches people to judge others based on superficial aspects, not merit and earnest effort and talent. The high school seniors of today have lived their entire lives under the martial law of the Patriot Act. Let me ask you, do you notice anything different about their perspectives of civil liberties? Think about that. Think hard. And think about what examples our society today is providing. Perhaps go research the term “pyrrhic victory.”

“Here’s the thing about life: There’s no accounting for what fate will deal you,” President Biden said. It has undertones of introspection and of cautious even-mindedness. It has undertones of “speak softly and carry a big stick.” It has undertones that he’s possibly someone who would be useful in a barfight, or perhaps in preventing one. Well, the fates are generally difficult, I agree. The Great Ulysses’ naked ears were tortured by them. We are indeed burdened with the brazen blenders of our imperfect progenitors. However, providence is not fate. True providence is not at the whimsy of the fates. If your providence has yielded suffering, then you ought to re-evaluate your rigging. Providence is built upon hope, and faith, and it can exist entirely in the mind if necessary, although that’s not the most ideal constraint — which begs the question of the social commons. There is fundamental redemption in the providence of those in solitary confinement, for example, or those who are being tortured in other ways. There is redemption in the providence in those for whom constant surveillance and slander impedes their personal peace. The hundreds of thousands of people in United States prisons for non-violent crimes, for example, have some notable measure of auspicious and justified providence. Likewise, for example, do the millions of people killed and uprooted by the U.S.A.’s endless wars, for example, the ones that have been going on since the beginning of the twenty first century, which began because of the United States of America’s noxious policies before the turn of the century. The long, needless, vast waste of life, based on arguments and shortfalls of beligerrents who are long gone, is most tragic.

Also, all peaceful people have the right to be free from the reach of someone else’s providence, whether it’s at the personal or the collective level. Otherwise naturally peaceful people of the world – in the United States of America and everywhere else – cannot be forcefully restrained in their thinking, speaking, and assembly, as they please in the name of truth, nor should they be persecuted for it without the oppressor running afoul of the victim’s providence. It is at that point, when the aggressor’s providence is relegated to the fates. This aggression includes the type of force represented by withholding truth, and by ignoring truth, and by knowingly leading people astray, and by any willful shortfall of capable intellectual circumspection. “Killing in the name of” is one of the most turpitudinous of constitutional offenses. And the providence of lies which lead to such murder is either very closely comparable, or one and the same, with the crime of murder itself.

In other news at the inauguration, Garth Brooks hugged George W. Bush who, by the way, looks extremely penitent. Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez sang songs. Reverend Sylvester Beaman is a good-lookin’ dude, and also very wise. Former Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton were there; Mr. Carter did not attend but sent his regards. Trump and his family opted out, but did give a nice farewall from Joint Base Andrews and his lovely wife said a few words. Man, I love that accent.
Meanwhile, during the same business day as the presidential and vice presidential inauguration, Avril Haines was confirmed, by the United States Senate, as President Biden’s Director of National Intelligence with a vote of 84 to 10. Avril Haines censored most of the Senate’s report on torture and overruled the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s inspector general thus blocking the disciplining of CIA agents who hacked into the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee to sabotage an investigation of torture – to whom Haines instead chose to award medals, according to 2018 U.S. Peace Prize winning journalist David Swanson. Avril Haines supported for promotion to Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, a former chief of a CIA black site in Thailand, Gina Haspel, under whose watch prisoners were tortured during the Bush 43 administration using “enhanced interrogation techniques” based on a set of then-secret and now-rescinded legal opinions, according to Wikipedia. Avril Haines was part of President Obama’s committee which decided who would be targeted and killed with armed drones in various foreign countries, which seems to have effectively been the policy which replaced (or augmented) the Bush-43-era “enhanced interrogation” policies. Avril Haines is a former consultant for a company called WestExec advisors, which helps war profiteers get government contracts.

Partisan Klobuchar had made it back, to her daily routine, from the inauguration ceremony, in time to vote in favor of Avril Haines’ senate confirmation. And so did Partisan Blunt (in light of which, I believe, the fates will therefore have something to say about his perceived providence of “a better future for all Americans” – this illustrates the duplicity and failings in such “leadership” as Blunt’s and so many others – and the trouble is, the matter involves his appropriation of OUR providence as American citiezens, and most people have never even BEEN to Missouri). And likewise so did both of Arizona’s Senators, Partisan Kyrsten Sinema and Partisan Mark Kelly (both of whom should know better) vote in favor of confirming the torturer-coddler and drone-murdering enemy of due process Partisan Haines, a goose-stepping spy for the biggest imperial war machine in human history, as Director of National Intelligence.
And finally, Jen Psaki, a former Department of State spokeswoman, is now the press secretary for President Biden. She gave her first press briefing earlier this evening, most of which time was spent with the floor wide open for ad hoc questions. Alas, not one of the members of the presidential press corps queried regarding the pending extradition of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, who is in solitary confinement in London and whom the United States Department of Justice seeks to charge with sedition. There were several questions about COVID STIMMIES though, but I did not hear the terms “central bank” or “federal reserve” thereabouts. Regarding endless foreign wars, someone did ask about diplomacy with Iran, and someone did ask about contacting Russia’s Prime Minister. Nobody mentioned Israeli apartheid in Palestine. Nor Iraq. Nor Afghanistan. Nor Yemen. Nor Syria. Nor the re-deployment of a First Fleet in the Indian Ocean, or the Fifth Fleet that’s been deployed in the Mideast since 1995. One query came regarding retaliation by the United States for “Russian hacking” in Austin, Texas, that was recently alleged by Democratic Partisan media, mainly the wetbrained, incompetent, pisspantsed yellow journalists at the New York Times and the Washington Post. (By the way, have you ever been to Austin? Frankly, I would hazard a guess that the Russian Federation and the Republic of Texas are on good diplomatic terms, and the Partisans in D.C. might do well to thank the Texas politburo for the free lesson in realpolitik.) Anyway, Ms. Psaki said that attacking the Russian Federation with some sort of cyberwarfare is an option which remains on the table. Also, there was one very narrowly tailored question about abortion-funding policy.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for reading!

Author: c.g.

The host, director, and producer of The Odelay Show is the editor, publisher, & printer at Braswell Business Communications Services Incorporated (www.fusepowder.com).

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