(1/19/2021) A BILL


Pursuant to the occupation, for many decades, of the national legislative body by corporate-backed GOP (Republican Party) and DNC (Democratic party) (in this document henceforth all referred to as “Partisans”), functioning effectively as a one-party system which as an occupying body politic is unreachable by any popular vote and which operates at gross odds with respect to the constitutional and political will of the people of the United States of America and their survival and liberty; such Partisans are in violation of the United States Bill of Rights and, moreover, are transgressing the peace and freedom of all Americans and citizens of the world.

In addition to intentionally instigating new proxy wars and other unwarranted hostile provacation and military build-up against the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, at the expense of the future of humanity, peace, and liberty on earth; Decades-long wars waged, and interventionist coups staged, and aggressive economic warfare plied upon foreign lands (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Latin America, Eastern Europe ETC) were approved and are perpetuated through the public-funding support of the Partisan-occupied Legislature such as through the annual NDAA, and are strategically orchestrated through Partisan agents and their Partisan operatives occupying the United States of America’s Executive branch, and are funded with unchecked spending through the privately held Federal Reserve device; and,

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