(02/11/2023) The Green Dreams of Earth

Back in the nineties, I dreamed of observing a mushroom cloud west of the city I grew up in. Some of my earliest memories involved recurring dreams, but the mushroom cloud dreams didn’t become recurring ones until the past couple of years, at most.

In the past year, I have had at least two dreams where I was close enough to the detonation to have only witnessed the delivery vehicles before being, as it were, awakened. But most recently, early in the morning of January 8, I dreamed of about four detonation clouds with relatively small blast radii, which had the visual effect of long, tall columns compared with their very small shroom tips. The last blast, then following, was a traditional A-bomb looking cloud before I was incinerated into wakefulness. I suppose those first four were what we hear described as “tactical” special ordnance.

The first thing I thought upon waking was, you know, NATO using such ordinance against Russians in Eastern Europe, or on its allied forces as a false flag. Or possibly something finding its way home to Tel Aviv or District of Columbia. Then I was thinking, as the morning crept onward and no apocalypse transpired: Why in the hell would anyone, for the purpose of testing or any other one-off reason, severely irradiate a location we’re trying to terraform?

Anyway, maybe it is a silver lining, if I happen to look up and see a big one, or the horse it’s riding in on, that it might be fair for me to expect to wake up just slighly mystified, from a wierd dream, somewhere far away in time and space.

Author: c.g.

The host, director, and producer of The Odelay Show is the editor, publisher, & printer at Braswell Business Communications Services Incorporated (www.fusepowder.com).

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