(12/29/2021) Foreign Policy Reflects Domestic Policy; the War State is a Failed State.

The Second Amendment is an implicit guarantee for international isolationism and a predominately business-based economy; not the imperial war state which the American central government is today.  The U.S. imperial military, standing for more than a century has destroyed individual liberty and threatened the very existence of humanity in both the United States and worldwide, and is now again threatening nuclear armageddon by its fascist agitation and meddling with large central governments in foreign spheres of influence on other continents, in an effort to replay the Cold War / proxy war geopolitical dynamic from which it dominated and profiteered in the twentieth century.  It has committed genocide or ethnic cleasing with its proxy wars in Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, etc., among others, many of which continue today, and with new designs of proxy wars in Africa, Europe, the Orient, and Down Under in addition to the various policies of paramilitary experimentation and manipulation of its own domestic constituency.  Bellicose foreign economic sanctions in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and political meddling and undemocratic covert regime change operations South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Mideast, were the Cold War norm and are the D.C.-planned norm for the New Cold War in the 21st century, if not the entire third millenium if it’s not interdicted.  The patriotic American people, and some of the individual states, are trying to push back against the empire and out-of-control central government, but we are retaliated against with things like the coronavirus propaganda attack and correlated lockdowns.  Foreign special interests such as those of Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as stateless international capital interests, significantly command and sustaint the bellicose and, frankly, rather apocalyptic U.S. foreign imperial policies via District of Columbia, despite popular protests by the U.S. citizenry among others, thus all superceding the will and best interests of the people of the United States and world citizenry and at the expense of the global peace and the liberty and quality of life of the humanity abroad — all at a time when world collaboration and civility is of critical importance to the survival of civilization.  The American Central Bank has bankrupted the nation and facilitates an overt criminal enterprise of corporate welfare and the pilfering of the American commonwealth, all-the-while financing a century-old war machine and its vile funding mechanism which has now overplayed its hand at the expense of the destruction of peace and freedom, and possibly all life, worldwide.  High treason and corruption on Capital Hill and the White House has been the norm for too many decades, and it seems to be getting worse.  This is my friend Hugh, his baby’s crying.

Author: c.g.

The host, director, and producer of The Odelay Show is the editor, publisher, & printer at Braswell Business Communications Services Incorporated (www.fusepowder.com).

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